Monday, May 9, 2016

Research Blog # 10: Final Abstract, Bibliography, and Link

The historically persistent issue of gender segregation is one that it is deeply rooted in, and reinforced by, our society. Gender segregation both in higher education and the labor force is a result of the gendered socialization process young men and women undergo within their social environment. Beginning in the earliest educational experiences, societal actors that include parents, educators, and the media, reinforce gender stereotypes by directing male and female students in opposing directions, fostering their interests and competencies in gender-divided subject areas. The gender-role stereotypes our society reinforces through gendered processes of socialization influence the development of young men and women, who become habituated to act in accordance with the expectations of their gender-role. Evidence of a gendered socialization process is prominently displayed in higher education, where a polarized distribution of male and female students across college majors has been discovered.  Gender segregation is to be analyzed from the societal level, as it is an issue of socialization. Gender segregation in higher education and consequently the labor force can be attributed to societal influences that direct male and female students in opposing directions based on deep-rooted and persistent gender role expectations.
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