Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Research Blog #6: The Visual

The image displayed here depicts the median earning among 2008 college graduates in 2012. There is a lot of debate surrounding the gender wage gap that exists today. I chose the image above because it negates several of the arguments that have been made that deny the existence of the gender wage gap, or say that is an issue of the past which has since been corrected. The image clearly depicts the existence of a gender wage gap as well as it's persistence into 2012, a mere four years ago. Clearly, gender segregation in the work force and a consequential gender gap in earnings still exists today. Also, there has been controversy surrounding the issue, in that many will argue that the gap in wages is a result of men pursuing higher-level income careers and women working in lower-level income job fields, such as education or health sciences. The image above however negates this statement and shows wage gaps by field. Women in engineering and computer sciences, high-level income fields that are traditionally male dominated, are still making significantly less than their male counterparts. I plan to include this image in my presentation and final paper because it is effective in illustrating the gender wage gap which is a result of gender segregation, which my topic addresses.

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